Eberle Street - Evening Visual 1 - BCA Landscape 2015

Major investment to transform Eberle Street

A street at the heart of the Stanley Street Quarter is about to undergo a dramatic makeover.

As part of a Liverpool BID Company and Liverpool City Council joint investment programme for the Commercial District BID, Eberle Street is to see new paving and lighting which gives a nod to the LGBT Community, the Wizard of Oz’s Yellow Brick Road and Judy Garland.

An in-depth planning process has been undertaken by contractor Amey and local architects BCA Landscape to ensure all stakeholders have been able to shape the final design and look of the project.

Brand new LED lighting will hang 20 feet above the street which will be paved in a specially designed pattern of stones, complimenting the surrounding buildings whilst creating a unique tourist attraction.

Eberle Street

Image courtesy of BCA Landscape

Andi Herring, Chair of the Stanley Street Quarter CIC said: “The transformation that is going to take place on Eberle Street is a great example of how being part of a wider organisation looking beyond the front doors of businesses benefits the whole community – whether that’s the businesses, residents or the LGBT Community everyone is set to benefit from these works. 

‘’Stakeholders have had the chance to shape an end result that is really going to create something special for the city and help grow the Stanley Street Quarter’s reputation as a world-class destination.”   

Works will begin in January and are expected to be completed by Easter when the street will be unveiled. Access to businesses will be maintained throughout the duration of the works.

Andrew Pankhurst, Manager of GBar said: “Eberle’s regeneration is one of the most exciting and important changes in the area that we have seen since we opened on this street.

‘’This side of Liverpool’s nightlife has the most diverse and safest environment in the city so this investment is extremely welcome and once completed the additional footfall will no doubt improve other surrounding businesses.”

Public realm improvements will also be continued in the Quarter with an upgrade to North John Street, also beginning in January.