Something Missing? We need you!

Do you want a Quarter that can host great events like Liverpool Pride?

Got a passion for community projects and helping others?

We want to hear from you!

The Stanley Street Quarter Community Interest Company is your voice and chance to build the Quarter into a world class destination… but without volunteers, we can’t make that happen.

We are looking for people to get involved in Events, Safety, Marketing and Fundraising.
Wether you could help us write a funding bid, or organise our next big event, there is a place in our team for you.

Contact us on info@stanleystqtr.co.uk for more information.

Each group meets monthly.

Events group – help us organise our Love Ball in February next year, or help bring Pride back into the Quarter.
Marketing group – can you help us reach more people and raise the area’s profile? Our brand is growing day by day and there are lots of exiting opportunities including in social media and design. 
Safety group – currently looking at making the area safer by improving alleyways and starting a community ‘Angels’ scheme.
Fundraising group – whether it’s by bag packing, or writing a funding bid, we need help sourcing funding to grow the area and make our work have a bigger impact.

Contact us on info@stanleystqtr.co.uk for more information.