Company Remit

As part of our company registration the boundary of the Stanley Street Quarter has been devised to allow the CIC a fixed area to apply for funding and evaluate impact and issues. It has been developed taking into account physical boundaries (building blocks, roads etc) and socio-economic boundaries (Neighbourhood Boundaries, location of LGBT friendly businesses and areas benefiting from other investments/inititatives).

All shaded buildings would be classed as ‘within the Stanley Street Quarter’.

Buildings shown in Red are within the Stanley Street Quarter no matter of their usage.
Buildings shown in Purple are on the edge of the area and businesses within these are seen as part of the area however the businesses within/ the building may fall/associate into another area.
As a guide, the highway (pavement and road) directly in front of the shaded buildings are within the Stanley Street Quarter footprint.
For businesses such as Hotels\Hostels and other attractions that have an influence on the area/LGBT Community it is recognised that there is a larger circle of influence around the area which SSQ CIC would seek to work in partnership with.
The map below is for indicative purposes only - in all cases where it is not clear if a particular stakeholder is within the boundary covered by the CIC the board shall have the final say taking into account the individual merit of the query.
Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 16.10.27