Board Of Directors

The Stanley Street Quarter CIC’s Board of Directors is the group that is responsible for steering the company and ensuring priorities and actions are set in the best interest of the Stanley Street Quarter  stakeholders.

All stakeholders and interested members of the public have the opportunity to become a director if they wish.
Directors are expected to be able to attend a monthly meeting (Third Tuesday) and be able to give some time each month to progress the CIC’s actions and projects.
We are particularly interested in hearing from interested persons who have experience of funding bids, legal expertise, marketing and/or property experience.
The list of current director seats is below.
Vacant spaces are shown in red - if you would be interested in putting yourself forward for one of these positions please contact the chair – andi.herring@stanleystqtr.co.uk
Individual Directors (not representing an organisation)
 Place Description  No.  Director
Open Seats  5 Andi Herring (Chair), Darren Suarez, Gerry Proctor MBE and Jo Harrison-Smith.
There is ONE remaining place open to anyone with an interest in the area.
Younger Persons (Under 25)  1 Matthew Smyth
Older Persons (Over 55)  1 Phil Johnson (Treasurer)
Hotels/Hostels Rep  1 This place is open to a senior member of staff from any of the Hotels/Hostels in* the area. 
Corporate Business Rep  1 This place is open to an appointed member from any of the area’s corporate businesses (i.e. Solicitors, Estate Agents etc)
Leisure Economy Reps  5 Candice Fonseca (Delifonseca), Eileen Lea (The Lisbon) and Andrew Pankhurst (GBar). There are TWO remaining places open to a senior member of staff from any leisure economy businesses in the area (i.e. Bars, Clubs, Retail)
Residents Place  1 This place is open to a resident (tenant or leaseholder) who lives within the Stanley Street Quarter.
*in regards to hotels first preference will be given to a hotel within the formal footprint of SSQ, if there are no interested stakeholders, at the boards discretion this can be opened to hotels nearby.
Corporate Directors (representing an organisation)
 Place Description  Director
Liverpool Pride Represented by Joan Burnett (Trustee)
Homotopia No director seat appointed yet.
LGBT Network No director seat appointed yet.
Consulted in an Advisory Capacity Only
 Place Description  Director
City Centre Management  Mike Cockburn
Central Ward Cllrs  Cllr Nick Small (Employment and Skills)
Mayor’s Office  Cllr Emily Spurrell
Liverpool Vision  Ann Hopper
Other  Cllr Peter Brennan 

Investment Sub-Committee
 Place Description  Director
Delegated Board Member  Andi Herring
Sub-Committee Members